World’s Best Belgian  Milk Chocolate

World’s Best Belgian Milk Chocolate

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Welcome Chocolate Lover’s

king’s & Queen’s 

sexy chocolate is a (dba)corporation of candie’s secrets (llc) established 2014 Trademark Brand of sexy chocolates Trademark est. 2015 /chocolate candie, handbags,fashion,


Enjoy the World’s Best smooth Belgian Milk Chocolate Bars smooth on the tounge are 3 individually each wrapped in Gold Wrappers are manufactured & Custom made in a Elegant Envelope Styled Box Written in Elegant Edwardian Font Writing  Ready for Business Owners & Consumers to purchase for  holiday’s, gifts, wedding treat bags,anniversary,someone special, you love marketing events, or any happy reasons purchase

@ sexy-


Ingredients :milk chocolate (sugar,cocoa butter, Belgian unsweetened chocolate,Whole Milk powder,nonfat drymilk,milkfat soy lecithin

(an emulsifier)natural vanilla extract Product contains:milk soy May Contain peanuts,Tree Nuts,Almonds Hazelnuts ,Wheat 





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